Popular Horse Breeds in Tennessee

There’s something that is intricately fascinating with all the different Tennessee horses. Maybe it’s tied to their culture and rich history as much as they are to their provenance. Of course no other breed stands out than one which claims an entire state’s name as its own. The world renowned Tennessee Walking Horse which traces its origins in Virginia, stands majestically and strides at the forefront of all the others. Historically, its gait and movement is like silk flowing through the Tennessee farmlands and eventually captivating countless thousands with its regal appearance. Today it is a recreational horse that endears many beginner horse riders with its amiable and patient demeanor. Most of all, its most striking characteristic is the relative comfort of the ride it provides. Proud with an average height of 13 HH to 17 HH, some can be as heavy as 1200 pounds. So when getting modular horse barns for this breed, choose wisely as their space requirements could be quite significant.

Many Tennessee horse barns are also filled with the Saddlebred breed. With regards to height, they are as tall as their Tennessee Walking Horse counterparts averaging about 15 HH to 16 HH and weigh as much as 1200 pounds too. Their foundation is also rich dating back to the late 1800s where they are mostly known as the proud mounts of officers during the Civil War. It has the distinction of being called the “world’s most beautiful horse” most likely because of its long arched neck. The breed has figured in several Hollywood movies. Likewise, choose spacious modular horse barns for this very popular breed.

Of course no list of popular breeds in Tennessee would be complete without the ever famous Mustang. Free spirited and powerful, it is one of the few horses that are distinguished as feral. That is, they have once been domesticated but have broken free and run wild. Now you may be asking, “If they’re feral, how come they’re popular?” These particularly exceptional horses are under the care of the US Bureau of Land Management where they are sometimes offered for adoption. Go to numerous horse related trading websites and you will find that they are indeed one of the most sought after breeds not just in Tennessee but in Western America. With that said, it would be a challenging endeavor to see a Mustang inside delivered modular barns.

Among the more notable and very much sought after Tennessee horses is one of the oldest breeds, the Arabian. Not quite as tall as their Tennessean counterparts, their lineage is remarkable for their flexibility and endurance. In fact, documents show that their origin in the Arabian Peninsula was borne not just out of necessity but of pride and respect. They were so prized that it was fairly common for families back then to keep these horses inside the tents of their masters so they won’t be stolen. Fast forward to today and they have the distinction of being one of the more amiable breeds. So much so that it is fairly common to find one in many Tennessee horse barns. Standing at an average of 14.1 HH to 15.1 HH, this breed should be easy to get inside delivered modular barns.

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